Life Without Borders

The work we do at the Center for Educational Technologies and the Challenger Learning Center is truly without borders. Our products and research reach a global audience, and we often hear from educators and students from far flung places.

As testament to that, our new Exploring the Environment—Global Climate Change modules are being pilot tested by teachers in nine other countries besides the United States: Australia, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa. The teacher from Namibia is Ruth Brown, a Peace Corps volunteer who teaches at the Oshekasheka Combined School in rural northern Namibia. She says the school has electricity, but running water is a different story. Some of the 1,000 students walk more than two hours each way to and from school.

The global reach of the Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University extended to a new school in India in 2012 when 30 teachers at Epistemo Global School in Hyderabad took part in the Moon, Mars, and Beyond e-Mission™.

Students in Panama got a change of sorts from their constant warm climate when they took part in the STORM-e weather simulation via the Challenger Learning Center. Students at Crossroads Christian Academy in Balboa had to determine whether to cancel an upcoming air show in Dayton, OH, because of threatening weather, including a possible tornado. This e-Mission marked the 16th country the Challenger Learning Center has delivered a mission to outside the United States. The other countries served with e-Missions are Canada, Kyrgyzstan, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Argentina, India, South Africa, Republic of Georgia, Japan, Italy, Korea, Northern Ireland, Australia, and England.

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