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Center for Educational Technologies projects have ended (except Challenger Learning Center) and are no longer funded.


Leadership Team

An image of Chuck Wood
Dr. Charles Wood
Executive Director


An image of Laurie Ruberg
Dr. Laurie Ruberg
Associate Director


Curriculum Development and Educational Outreach

Manetta Calinger, curriculum writer II, 304.243.4323
Hope Coffield, program manager, 304.243.4326
Dr. Meri Cummings, science resource teacher and lab manager, 304.243.2499
Cassie Lightfritz, graphic designer, 304.243.4417
Lisa McFarland, research coordinator, 304.243.2479
Chris Ruckman, computer programmer, 304.243.2026
Ralph Seward, computer programmer, 304.243.2021
Janis Worklan, editor, curriculum writer III, media relations, 304.243.8711

Educational Research

Dr. Laurie Ruberg, associate director, 304.243.2480
Dr. Debbie Denise Reese, senior educational researcher, 304.243.4327
Dr. Debbie Piecka, educational researcher/instructional designer, 304.243.2411
Robert E. Kosko, senior applications programmer

Challenger Learning Center

Jackie Shia, director, 304.243.4431
Kathleen Frank, assistant director, e-Missions, 304.243.2495
Annie Morgan, assistant director, on-site missions, 304.243.2386
Mary Beth Criniti, lead flight director, on-site missions, 304.243.2029
Lori Kudlak, lead flight director, e-Missions, 304.243.8729
Barbara Crawshaw, program registrar, 304.243.8740
Robert Moore, technical support specialist, 304.243.2063

Computer Support Services

Ron Magers, manager, 304.243.2552
Doug Moore, computer support analyst, 304.243.2027

Video Support Services

Don Watson, manager, 304.243.2018
Stacy Keller, video producer/director, 304.243.2530