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Center for Educational Technologies projects have ended (except Challenger Learning Center) and are no longer funded.

News Archive

Challenger Learning Center Earns Consecutive Honors for Distance Learning
Wed Sep 18 2013

Bilingual Association Features Selene Videogame
Fri Sep 13 2013

CyGaMEs Team Hits It Fuera del Parque at Bilingual Education Conference
Mon Feb 11 2013

ISS Commander Starts 'Space Oddity' with CET's DLiNfo Channel Show
Tue May 21 2013

Badging Website Is One Cog in the Machine
Tue May 21 2013

Biology Journal Features CyberSurgeons
Tue May 21 2013

Mining Program at Southern Earns Recognition
Tue Apr 30 2013

Wood Presents Several Papers at Planetary and Lunar Science Meeting
Tue Apr 2 2013

Ruberg Presents NASA Hydroponic Work at International Conference
Tue Mar 26 2013

Wood Authors 21st Century Atlas of the Moon
Tue Feb 5 2013

Selene Videogame Wins International Competition
Thu Jan 31 2013

Cummings Recognized for Robotics Work
Tue Jan 8 2013

WV Robotics Competitors Seek Senior Solutions
Thu Dec 6 2012

From Challenger Learning Center to Mission Control
Thu Nov 29 2012

Distance Learning Efforts Earn Honor for Challenger Learning Center
Mon Nov 19 2012

Selene Makes Finals of International Competition
Thu Nov 15 2012

Mine Safety Training Nabs MSHA Award
Thu Oct 11 2012

WJU Challenger Learning Center Connects with India
Wed Sep 19 2012

Classroom of the Future Supports Curiosity Mission
Wed Aug 8 2012

BLiSS Sim to Be Featured on App Showcase Website
Tue Jul 24 2012

NASATalk Works with DLiNfo Channel to Host SpaceFest Workshop
Tue Jul 24 2012

CyGaMEs Consultant Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
Wed Jul 18 2012

Teacher Blazes a Recruiting Path for Game Research
Wed Jul 18 2012

Center Invites Families, Educators to Workshop Celebrating Shuttle Enterprise
Tue Jul 10 2012

Reese to Contribute to Digital Knowledge Maps Volume
Tue Jun 12 2012

Robotics Tweetup Highlights Robotics Week
Thu May 17 2012

New Exploring the Environment Global Climate Change Modules Welcome Testers
Thu May 17 2012

First App from Classroom of the Future Plants Seeds for Long Mission
Thu May 17 2012

Center Wins Mozilla, MacArthur Grant for Badge Program
Wed Mar 7 2012

Intern Honored as Pa. Afterschool Champion
Tue Mar 6 2012

Montana Teacher Earns STELLAR Award
Fri Feb 24 2012

Panama Students Experience Dayton Storm
Wed Feb 8 2012

NASATalk Leader to Review New Standards Draft
Tue Jan 17 2012

New Server Improves NASATalk Performance
Tue Jan 17 2012

NASATalk Contributes to Virtual Learning Communities Issue
Tue Jan 17 2012

Challenger Missions Create Excitement Among NJ Students
Mon Dec 19 2011

Morgantown Youths Repeat as State Robotics Champs
Wed Dec 7 2011

Food Is the Factor in West Virginia Robotics Tournament
Tue Nov 29 2011

Finnish Researcher Visits Center
Thu Nov 17 2011

Technology, Solar Power Give Refugee Children Chance to Explore Moon, Mars, & Beyond
Oct 4 2011

WJU to Create Underground Mine Training Through MSHA Grant
Tue Oct 4 2011

WJU to Lead Mining Research Project
Fri Sep 30 2011

Team Presents PBL Poster Session at ESSEA Conference
Wed Aug 24 2011

Gaming Project Tabbed as Top STEM Effort
Tue Aug 23 2011

WV Robotics Tourney Grows
Tue Aug 23 2011

Micronauts Ready to Blast Off!
Mon Aug 8 2011

NASATalk Hosts ePDN Vodcast Course Online Discussion
Tue Aug 2 2011

NASATalk and the Pursuit of Robust Learning
Tue Aug 2 2011

Selene Earns Honors, Meets National Agenda
Wed Jul 27 2011

Afterschool Students Enjoy NASA Summer Camp
Tue Jul 26 2011

Challenger e-Mission Coming to Rwandan Refugee Camp
Tue Jul 19 2011

Software Donation to Help CyGaMEs Students Translate Moon Videos to Images
Tue Jul 19 2011

Camp Makes Splash with WaterBotics
Tue Jul 19 2011

Researcher Publishes NASATalk Chapter
Tue Jul 19 2011

Reese Has Chapter in Game-based Learning Volume
Tue Jul 19 2011

Mountain State Science Series Looks at Wheeling Challenger Center
Tue May 17 2011

Video Manager Provides Perspective on Space Program for Local TV
Tue May 17 2011

NSTA Workshops Focus on NASATalk
Tue Mar 22 2011

New Climate Change Modules Presented at Conference
Tue Mar 22 2011

Girls Support NASA, Women's History with Robotics
Tue Mar 22 2011

Wood Authors New Book Featuring Hi-Def Pics of Moon
Wed Mar 16 2011

Rockefeller Participates in Challenger Mission, Education Discussion
Mon Mar 14 2011

Wood Speaks to European Astronomers
Tue Feb 15 2011

Workshop Kicks off West Virginia NASA Partnership
Tue Feb 15 2011

Moon Projects Debut on WV Public Broadcasting
Fri Feb 11 2011

Challenger Plans 25th Anniversary Event
Thu Jan 20 2011

MoonWorld Breakthrough Lends a Voice to OpenSim
Fri Jan 14 2011

Morgantown Team Wins State Robotics Competition
Mon Dec 13 2010

Doctor's Orders: State Robotics Competition Returns
Wed Dec 8 2010

West Virginia Secretary of State Visits Campus
Wed Dec 1 2010

Evaluators Hear About Micronauts Evaluation
Tue Nov 23 2010

e-Labs to Bring Experiments and Experts to Classrooms from WJU
Fri Nov 19 2010

WV NASA Organizations Partner on Lunar Science Education
Mon Nov 15 2010

Turk Students Hear About Classroom of the Future Research
Mon Nov 15 2010

Online Collaboratives Subject of Ruberg's NSTA Session
Wed Oct 27 2010

WJU Students Play Key Role with New NASA DLiNfo Channel
Wed Oct 27 2010

Center Has Big Presence at West Virginia Science Teachers Conference
Wed Oct 27 2010

Lunar Videogames Bring Science to Life for Students
Oct 21 2010

Ruberg Takes Part in Science Educators Trip to China
Tue Oct 19 2010

Students Rave About NASA Simulations
Tue Oct 19 2010

Grant Funds Two New Girl Scout Robotics Teams
Fri Oct 15 2010

European Planetary Science Congress Learns About MoonWorld
Tue Oct 5 2010

Robotics Sessions Set for WVSTA
Thu Sep 23 2010

Selene Composer Shares Spotlight with Marsalis on PBS
Wed Sep 22 2010

NASATalk Site Provides Window to Education Resources, Discussion
Sep 16, 2010

Bringing NASA Science to Life for K-2
Thu Sep 16 2010

Challenger Director Honored with National Award
Fri Sep 3 2010

WJU Honors Employees for Service
Mon Aug 16 2010

Micronauts Simulator Development to Be Featured at Evaluation Conference
Wed Jul 28 2010

NASATalk Provides Forum for Shuttle Mission Discussions
Jun 30 2010

Reese Article to Appear in Journal
Jun 29 2010

Selene Videogame Is Finalist for Disney Award
Jun 29 2010

Center for Educational Technologies Mourns Byrd
Mon Jun 28 2010

South Carolina Teacher's NASA Experience Earns STELLAR Award
Jun 10, 2010

Dutch Students Talk Space During e-Mission
May 21 2010

CyGaMEs Is Subject in Technology Yearbook
Thu Apr 29 2010

MoonWorld Featured in Panel Discussion
Fri Apr 23 2010

MoonWorld Is Subject of Virtual Presentation
Fri Apr 23 2010

CyGaMEs Poster Highlighted at Meeting
Fri Apr 23 2010

Flowometer Tool Is Subject of Book Chapter
Apr 22 2010

Games Conference to Feature CyGaMEs Research
Apr 22 2010

Exploring the Environment Site to Expand with NASA Grant
Fri Apr 16 2010

MoonWorld Paper Presented at Lunar Conference
Tue Apr 6 2010

Challenger Learning Center Reaches Out to Dutch School
Thu Mar 25 2010

Ruberg Serves on Two Review Panels
Tue Mar 23 2010

Grand Vue Park to Offer Summer e-Missions
Wed Mar 10 2010

Ohio County Schools, WJU Meet with State Lawmakers
Fri Mar 5 2010

Research Featured in Special Issue
Wed Feb 25 2010

Gifted Teacher Wins First STELLAR Award
Tue Feb 16 2010

Videogame Researcher to Present at AECT Symposium
Tue Feb 9 2010

Designer Earns Second Award
Wed Jan 20 2010

Challenger e-Mission Highlights White House Event
Tue Jan 12 2010

STELLAR Awards Invite Nominees
Tue Jan 5 2010

CyGaMEs Selected to Highlight NSF Research
Tue Jan 5 2010

Morgantown Team Wins Second Consecutive State Robotics Title
Tue Dec 22 2009

West Virginia Robotics Competition Returns to Center
Wed Dec 16 2009

Grant to Help Wheeling Park Students Create Neighborhood Histories
Mon Dec 7 2009

Wheeling Reservists, Families Set for Holiday Mission at Challenger
Thu Dec 3 2009

NASATalk Invites Educators to New Website
Tue Nov 10 2009

Videogame Research Heading to Congressional Showcase
Fri Oct 30 2009

Center Creates Streaming Connection for White House
Wed Sep 16 2009

Director Contributes to Education Forum at Kennedy
Tue Sep 1 2009

Noted Educator and Researcher Joins CyGaMEs
Wed Aug 19 2009

Reese Participates in Training Institute
Mon Aug 17 2009

Robotics Workshop Set for Wheeling Jesuit
Thu Aug 13 2009

Second Avenue Software CEO Features Selene in Talk
Thu Aug 13 2009

Leading Analogy Researchers Hear of New CyGaMEs Findings at Conference
Wed Aug 12 2009

Apollo Veterans Recall Moon Landing at WJU Celebration
Tue Jul 21 2009

WJU Invites Public to Celebrate Moon Landing Anniversary with Apollo Veterans
Mon Jul 13 2009

Challenger Expands Missions to India, Argentina, South Africa
Tue Jul 7 2009

Robotics Event Gets NASA Space Grant Funding
Wed Jul 1 2009

Videogame Research to Be Featured at Bulgarian Conference
Tue Jun 16 2009

Games Conference Learns About Interface Effect and Selene Demographics Findings
Mon Jun 15 2009

NASA Hears Selene Presentation
Mon Jun 15 2009

Game Paper Makes Conference Proceedings
Mon Jun 15 2009

Aerospace Campers Experience Space Mission, RC Planes
Fri Jun 12 2009

Distance Learning Missions Score Award for Challenger Center
Wed Jun 10 2009

Ruberg to Review Proposals for Presidential Awards
Wed Jun 10 2009

Preschoolers Take to Space
Fri May 29 2009

NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium Sponsors LEGO Robotics Workshops and Tournament
Wed May 20 2009

EdTech Collaborative Shows off Joomla Design
Wed May 20 2009

Flowometer Takes Stage at AECT Conference
Wed May 20 2009

CyGaMEs to Highlight SALT Conference
Wed May 20 2009

AERA Presentation Based on EdTech Collaborative Website
Wed May 20 2009

Noted Software Firm Gets Nod to Enhance WJU Videogame
Fri Apr 17 2009

NASA Funds WJU Center to Develop Astronomy, Earth Science Courses
Wed Apr 8 2009

Diocesan Teachers Tackle Robotics
Wed Apr 8 2009

Challenger Flies First Missions for Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan
Tue Feb 24 2009

Spring Day Camps to Send Students into Space
Tue Feb 24 2009

CMU Students Hear Videogame Presentation About CyGaMEs
Wed Feb 18 2009

IBM Serious Games Day Features Selene Game
Wed Feb 18 2009

McAteer to Testify Before Congress
Tue Feb 10 2009

Selene Poster Set for APS Convention
Tue Feb 10 2009

e-Missions Go Global with WV-NYC-Korean Programs
Tue Feb 10 2009

Triadelphia Middle School Students Place in Future City Competition
Mon Jan 26 2009

New Second Life Moon Simulation to Be Featured in Paper
Mon Jan 26 2009

Wheeling Students Take on City of the Future
Jan 8 2009

Morgantown Teams Sweep Top Spots at Robotics Championship
Wed Dec 17 2008

Designers Learn About Product Review Process in DLN Session
Tue Dec 2 2008

Paper Presentation to Highlight NASA Videogame Research
Tue Dec 2 2008

Fitness Challenge Is Scary for Girl Scouts at Challenger Learning Center
Tue Nov 18 2008

EdTech Collaborative at Heart of AERA Paper Presentation
Tue Nov 18 2008

NSF-funded Project Seeks Development of Next Generation Educational Lunar Game
Fri Nov 14 2008

Researcher, Videogame Earn AECT Award
Tue Nov 11 2008

Reese Honored as Distinguished Visitor in Mexico
Tue Nov 11 2008

Wood Explains Lunar Phenomena on BBC Radio
Thu Nov 6 2008

WVSTA Conference to Feature Robotics Workshop
Thu Nov 6 2008

Students Compete in Tech Triathlon via EdTech Collaborative
Thu Nov 6 2008

WV Higher Ed Tech Conference Highlights Website
Thu Oct 9 2008

HSTA Workshop Features New Projects
Thu Oct 9 2008

National Science Foundation Tabs Videogame Research for Grant
Tue Sep 30 2008

Delta Queen Illustration Nabs Award for Designer
Mon Sep 15 2008

Constitution Day

Videogame Assessment Tools Hit Their Mark
Wed Sep 10 2008

Wheeling Girl Scouts to Map the Moon with WALL-E
Tue Aug 19 2008

Teachers Dive into Engineering Software
Tue Aug 19 2008

NES Teachers Learn About 21st Century Skills
Tue Aug 12 2008

Cable TV Promotes Summer Camps
Mon Jul 7 2008

Free Airplane Rides and 'Trip' to Space on Tap for Youth
Thu Jun 12 2008

Videogame Design to Be Featured at Conference
Wed Jun 11 2008

Broker Program Completes Successful Term
Wed Jun 11 2008

EdTech Collaborative on Display at NECC
Wed Jun 11 2008

Rome Students Connect to Challenger
Mon Jun 2 2008

Tabletop Exercises Paper Gets Conference Spot
Tue May 13 2008

Selene Computer Science Grads Earn Research Award
Tue May 13 2008

Higher Educators to Learn About EdTech Collaborative
Tue May 13 2008

New York Students Featured on TV During Mission
Thu May 8 2008

Summer Camps Offer Space, Robots
Thu May 8 2008

Workshop to Teach Use of Engineering Software
Thu May 8 2008

Selene Researcher to Keynote International Evaluation Conference
Thu May 8 2008

Students Celebrate Space Week with Rover Drop
Thu May 8 2008

Space Grant Funds West Virginia Robotics Event
Thu May 8 2008

Texas Students Score in Competition with NASA Research
Wed Apr 23 2008

Students Join in Webcast with Next Civilian in Space
Tue Apr 22 2008

Researcher Gets Article Published
Wed Apr 2 2008

NASA Videogame Research Accepted for Presentation at Conference
Wed Apr 2 2008

WJU Evaluation Report Earns International Award
Tue Apr 1 2008

Metaphor Research to Be Presented at Conference
Wed Mar 19 2008

Wood Presents Findings of Moons of Saturn and Earth
Wed Mar 19 2008

Computer Students to Present Videogame Research
Wed Mar 12 2008

NASA Product Review Process Featured on DLN
Thu Mar 6 2008

Workshop Invites Girls to Expand Their Horizons
Thu Mar 6 2008

West Virginia Students GEAR UP for Mission
Feb 25 2008

AECT Journal Includes Selene
Feb 25 2008

Poster Session Proves Hit at Pre-Service Conference
Feb 25 2008

Classroom of the Future's NASA Study Focus of Special Journal Issue
Feb 7 2008

Selene Students Earn Spot in Research Conference
Feb 6 2008

Conference Participants Fly e-Mission™
Wed Feb 6 2008

Future Cities Teams Honored
Wed Feb 6 2008

Florida Tech Conference Features e-Missions™
Wed Feb 6 2008

Challenger Learning Center to Demo e-Missions™ for Northern Ireland
Wed Feb 6 2008

COMETS Program Gets Oversight from Center Director
Wed Feb 6 2008

DLN Session Brainstorms Focus Group Questions
Wed Feb 6 2008

Weather Missions, Space Station Simulator Coming
Wed Jan 16 2008

Students Show off Their Cities of the Future
Tue Jan 15 2008

Korean Educators Take on e-Mission with Help from Student Interpreters
Mon Jan 7 2008

Educators Look at ProE Software Opportunities
Wed Dec 19 2007

It's a Three-peat for West Virginia Roboteers
Mon Dec 17 2007

NASA-approved Products Pay off for Elementary Education Students
Wed Dec 12 2007

Classroom of the Future™ Researcher Offers Three Papers for AERA
Wed Dec 12 2007

Center Facilitates Virtual Ceremony for Navy Promotion
Dec 1 2007

NES Evaluation to Be Presented at Educational Research Conference
Wed Nov 14 2007

Florida Tech Conference to Feature e-Missions™
Wed Nov 14 2007

Classroom of the Future™ Session Shines at Conference
Wed Nov 14 2007

NASA Videogame Highlighted at AECT Conference
Fri Nov 9 2007

Indiana Students See Signatures Blast into Space with Help from WJU
Fri Nov 9 2007

Explorer Schools Evaluation Merits Book Chapter
Mon Oct 15 2007

Telephone Skills May Translate to Computer Learning
Mon Oct 15 2007

Corporate STAR Clients Run Operation Montserrat
Mon Oct 15 2007

October Sky Festival Celebrates Sputnik, Offers e-Missions™
Mon Oct 15 2007

West Virginia Sets State Robotics Tournament
Mon Oct 15 2007

Selene Notches Visualization Challenge Award from NSF, Science
Mon Oct 15 2007

Erma Ora Byrd Awarded Posthumous Honorary Degree
Tue Sep 18 2007

Videogame Research Brings Initial Findings
Tue Sep 18 2007

Students Help with NASA Videogame Reengineering
Tue Sep 18 2007

Girl Scouts Fly Mission
Tue Sep 18 2007

Space Camp Participants Take on Moon Mission
Tue Sep 18 2007

Robotics Session to Be Presented at Conference
Tue Sep 18 2007

Byrd to Visit Center for Constitution Webcast
Mon Sep 17 2007

Astronomy Society to Hear About Videogame Efforts
Thu Aug 23 2007

Classroom of the Future Researcher Tabbed for MacArthur Study
Thu Aug 23 2007

Challenger Learning Center Reaches out During Summer
Thu Aug 23 2007

Aeronautics Campers Head to Space Station Alpha
Thu Aug 16 2007

NASA Game Is One of 'Most Talked About'
Thu Aug 16 2007

NSF Officer to Review Videogame Research
Thu Aug 16 2007

Poster Session Highlights Metaphor Research
Wed June 13 2007

New NASA Videogame Invites Players for Study
Wed June 13 2007

Selene Videogame Design Session Gets High Marks
Wed May 2 2007

Selene Videogame Gets Showcase Spot at Conference
Wed May 2 2007

Reese to Take Part in NSF Evaluation
Tue Apr 17 2007

Researcher Presents Two Papers at Conference
Thu Apr 12 2007

Videogame Design to Be Featured at AECT Session
Wed Apr 4 2007

Director Previews Papers, Videogame at Lunar Conference
Wed Mar 21 2007

Metaphor Research Merits Poster Session
Wed Mar 21 2007

Selene Game, Research Featured in Webcast
Wed Mar 21 2007

Educators to Sample World of Videogame Design at Workshop
Wed Mar 21 2007

Videogaming Research Merits Book Chapter
Wed Jan 17 2007

Conference to Feature Moon Game Development
Fri Dec 15 2006

Videogaming Research Earns Article
Fri Dec 15 2006

Metaphor Article Gets Journal Publication
Wed Jun 14 2006