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Videogame Design to Be Featured at AECT Session

Wed Apr 4 2007

Attendees at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology annual conference will learn about designing a videogame to achieve "flow" at a session being presented by the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future.

The session, "Finding Flow with Game-based Reflective Tools: Instructional Game Design for Adaptive Expertise," has been accepted for the annual conference to be held Oct. 23-27 in Anaheim, CA. The 30-minute workshop will recount the efforts of the Classroom of the Future™, which is located at the Center for Educational Technologies® at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, WV, to design the Selene videogame for NASA this year. The lunar science online game was funded by NASA as part of an investigation into how students can best learn NASA science through videogames. Selene will be tested during late May.

Dr. Debbie Denise Reese, senior educational researcher at the Classroom of the Future and leader of the Selene project, will facilitate the workshop. She'll focus on the concept of flow, when learners reach a "learning zone" during their gameplay.