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NASA Product Review Process Featured on DLN

Thu Mar 6 2008

Before educational products get the NASA seal of approval, they undergo a thorough review process to ensure their quality, effectiveness, and appropriateness. The NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future handles this important function.

Dr. Meri Cummings, who leads the review process at the Classroom of the Future™, which is located at the Center for Educational Technologies®, unraveled the mystery behind the educational product review process in a webcast broadcast through the Digital Learning Network on Feb. 27. She outlined when and how to submit products for review as well as what reviewers look for as they go through submissions.

Cummings' presentation was part of the monthly eEducation Product Showcase Series. This Digital Learning Network series allows product producers, authors, and experts to demonstrate their materials in an interactive setting designed to optimize awareness and understanding of the materials. During the videoconferences presenters are connected to other sites to share comments, questions, and discussions about the products being presented. Additionally, viewers learn about instructional objectives, how to access the materials, and who the primary contacts are.