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EdTech Collaborative at Heart of AERA Paper Presentation

Tue Nov 18 2008

A paper authored by Dr. Laurie Ruberg, associate director of the Center for Educational Technologies, has been accepted for presentation at the 2009 American Educational Research Association annual conference April 13-17 in San Diego.

The paper is titled "Blending Globalization and Curriculum Analysis to Study Technology-focused Teacher Training." Ruberg's research makes use of the NASA-funded EdTech Collaborative website, created by the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future at the center to share best practices in educational technology. Her research examines a Pro/ENGINEER workshop that used the EdTech Collaborative for professional development activities before, during, and after the workshop.

At a time when economic and educational planning are being integrated on a national scale in many countries, Ruberg examines how four key factors associated with globalization phenomena influence teacher technology training and student technology-based curriculum. The findings from this study demonstrate how shifts toward global systems, knowledge economies, lifelong learning, and multicultural factors impact the content and learning goals of K-12 teacher education and student instruction.