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New Second Life Moon Simulation to Be Featured in Paper

Mon Jan 26 2009

Three members of the Center for Educational Technologies® have submitted a paper to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference detailing a simulation they are developing for NASA in the Second Life virtual world.

"MoonWorld: A Virtual Fieldwork in Second Life" discusses the approach the Classroom of the Future™ team is taking in designing the MoonWorld simulation, which will model the surface of the Moon in Second Life. MoonWorld will be a tool for learning lunar science through virtual fieldwork. The MoonWorld island—actually in the Second Life sky, like a real moon—will depict lunar impact craters and volcanic features with geologic characteristics and interrelations that can be discerned through careful observation and measurement. MoonWorld will engage avatars in authentic scientific inquiry as they seek solutions to lunar science challenges.

Authors of the paper are Laurie Ruberg, associate director; Chuck Wood, director; Debbie Denise Reese, senior educational researcher; Cassie Lightfritz, graphic designer; and Andrew Harrison, computer programmer. The conference will take place March 23-27 at The Woodlands, TX.