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NASATalk Invites Educators to New Website

Tue Nov 10 2009

The NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future has launched a new website called NASATalk. It replaces the former EdTech Collaborative.

NASATalk is a Web 2.0 site where educators can come to share ideas, suggestions, success stories, and even frustrations about using NASA resources to enhance STEM teaching and learning. The new name and presentation of this Joomla-based content collaborative makes clear to the target audience—educators—that NASA educational resources are the focus of the site, according to Dr. Laurie Ruberg, associate director of the Center for Educational Technologies. Ruberg is the site administrator.

"NASATalk is a place where educators can come and talk about how they're using NASA materials to promote STEM learning," Ruberg said.

In 2007 the Classroom of the Future created a comprehensive report for NASA benchmarking the state of educational technology. As an outgrowth of that research, NASA asked the Classroom of the Future to create an online source where educational technology users could go to learn about all the various technologies available and how people were using them. The EdTech Collaborative then launched in 2008. The website worked like a wiki, allowing users to contribute materials and best practices and comment on or edit postings.