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Grand Vue Park to Offer Summer e-Missions

Wed Mar 10 2010

Elementary school students this summer will have a chance to take a space trip at Grand Vue Park in Moundsville, WV, or join their parents in helping people flee an erupting volcano as a hurricane bears down.

The Challenger Learning Center is partnering with Grand Vue Park to offer two of its award-winning distance learning missions. These e-Missions™ give students a chance to apply their teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills.

Each mission will cost $35 per student and run from 9 a.m. to noon at the park, followed by a full day of other activities. The missions will be tailored to students entering grades 3-5.

The Moon, Mars and Beyond e-Mission will be held June 21 and Aug. 2. In this journey students play the role of astronauts in the future who are on a routine mission from the Moon to Mars when they are called to find a missing ship in the outer reaches of the solar system. The students must use a variety of math skills to locate the ship. A flight director at the Challenger Learning Center will help guide the students on their mission via videoconferencing.

On July 25 parents will be able to join their youngsters for Operation Montserrat. This e-Mission is based on actual events that occurred on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, when a volcano erupted on the small island as a hurricane was nearing it as well. Students taking part in the mission join teams and work to make decisions about evacuating island residents and planning for rescue.

"By placing participants into the roles of astronauts and scientists trying to solve a real-life problem, they are hooked," said Jackie Shia, director of the Challenger Learning Center. "This fascination with space science exploration permeates the hearts and minds of the young and young at heart across every ability level or learning style. The model is based on the latest developments in cognitive science research and has proved to increase students' achievements and attitudes toward science, math, and technology."

Following each mission students will have lunch (provide your own) and then regroup at the pool for swimming and miniature golf the rest of the day, which ends at 5 p.m. Parents are encouraged to make arrangements for specific pick-up times. Each camper will go home with his or her own packet of space ice cream and other special prizes.

For information call 304-845-9810 ext. 402. Preregistration is required. Deadline for registration is one week before each scheduled mission day.