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NSTA Workshops Focus on NASATalk

Tue Mar 22 2011

The NASATalk collaborative was featured in two workshops at the National Science Teachers Association Research Dissemination Conference in San Francisco March 11-12.

Created by the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future, the NASATalk website is a place for educators to share their experiences using NASA education resources.

Presenting the workshop sessions were Dr. Laurie Ruberg, associate director; Debbie Piecka, educational researcher/instructional designer; and Manetta Calinger, curriculum writer.

The workshop was called, "Adding Value to Instruction with Strategic Use of Online Collaboratives." Workshop attendees used NASATalk to access material, review, and document group discussion. As part of workshop activities, participants used an online collaborative rubric to rate what features of online collaborative experiences were most important to them. The workshop results are posted on NASATalk so that the discussions begun face to face can continue and expand to those not able to attend the workshops.