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New Exploring the Environment Global Climate Change Modules Welcome Testers

Thu May 17 2012

Five modules focusing on global climate change issues are now available for pilot testing as the latest addition to the award-winning Exploring the Environment® program developed by the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future.

The Exploring the Environment-Global Climate Change project has developed the following modules: Global Temperatures, Ice Caps and Sea Levels, Human Health, Volcanoes, and Drought. The new modules present an updated theoretical approach to problem-based learning that builds on the legacy Exploring the Environment modules. The new modules focus more on scientific inquiry, use of current NASA satellite imagery, data tools for studying global climate topics, and incorporation of teaching strategies recommended in the Next Generation Science Standards.

The development team welcomes insights and recommendations from middle and high school teachers as pre-service teachers who would like to help pilot test these problem-based learning activities. To sign up, e-mail or request access to the site by selecting LOG IN on the home page.

The 25 online modules and activities in the legacy Exploring the Environment put students in problem-based learning scenarios based on actual situations. The award-winning (more than 20 over the years) modules, which are free, cover topics such as weather, population growth, biodiversity, land use patterns, volcanoes, water pollution, and global climate change.