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Classroom of the Future Supports Curiosity Mission

Wed Aug 8 2012

The NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future supported on a few fronts the public dissemination and education efforts for the Curiosity rover's landing on Mars Aug. 6.

The Classroom of the Future supported NASA's Digital Web Streaming Group, providing the primary high definition web streaming service for NASA TV during Curiosity's landing. In the early morning hours the group had a peak viewership of more than 1.2 million at landing, with the Classroom of the Future serving 743,522 HD and iPhone streams.

The Classroom of the Future also provided technical setup and operational support for NASA Edge live stream events from England and for Glenn Research Center's special programming before the mission. The total concurrent HD Flash stream for the 24-hour period on Aug. 6 was 2,194,789 viewers.

In addition, the NASATalk website created and managed by the Classroom of the Future is offering a web collaborative dedicated to the mission. The resource is packed with images, links, and files pertaining to the mission.

The center also promoted a digital badging opportunity through NASATalk, the Mars Curiosity Game, which allows users to learn about some of the investigations Curiosity is undertaking. This is the pilot badge program for a new collaboration between Project Whitecard, the Center for Educational Technologies, and NASA.