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Biology Journal Features CyberSurgeons

Tue May 21 2013

The CyberSurgeons online educational program is featured in an article in the May issue of The American Biology Teacher journal.

Manetta Calinger, curriculum writer at the Center for Educational Technologies, was interviewed for the article by author Remy Dou in November. Calinger led the development of CyberSurgeons, which is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

CyberSurgeons is a comprehensive educational package designed to teach anatomy and physiology and translational science to high school science students. A culminating distance learning mission is also available through the Challenger Learning Center.

From the article:

"One of the primary foci of the CyberSurgeons project is to present students with various medical career pathways besides that of traditional 'physician.' A side panel on the website highlights a variety of medical professions, their average salaries, degree requirements, and descriptions. Students can learn all about audiologists, cardiovascular technicians, respiratory therapists, and many other health professionals. If that is not sufficient to engage students in health or medical research careers, CyberSurgeons offers a live research mission for a relatively low cost to schools. The research missions take place virtually. Students interact with a real 'chief medical officer,' played by an educator. Students take on the role of a National Institutes of Health medical team that must properly handle a medical emergency while traveling on a ship up the Amazon River.

"The beauty of CyberSurgeons is that it does not require teachers to be even remotely familiar with clinical-trial protocols. It can be a learning experience for both teacher and students. Of course, teacher resources and answer manuals are readily available."