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ISS Commander Starts 'Space Oddity' with CET's DLiNfo Channel Show

Tue May 21 2013

Perhaps you've seen the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on the news this week. He's become a social media star (he went from 20,000 Twitter followers to 880,00 by the end of his five-month mission) with his broadcasts from the International Space Station before returning aboard the Soyuz capsule on Monday.

Armed with his guitar and a genuine interest in sharing the wonders of life aboard the ISS with us Earthbound creatures, Hadfield has registered million of online hits for his demonstratons, especially for his moving, orchestrated version of David Bowie's classic "Space Oddity." Well, the CET had him first, we're proud to say.

Back on March 27 Hadfield, the first Canadian commander of the ISS, did a live event broadcast on the DLiNfo Channel called "The ISS and Music with Commander Hadfield." The Center for Educational Technologies Video Support Services department manages the DLiNfo Channel via the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future program.

According to video director/producer Stacy Keller, Hadfield connected live to the DLiNfo Channel and a few schools and debuted a song about space that he and his brother-in-law wrote. If you haven't seen the talented Hadfield in his side job, check out the YouTube video of "Space Oddity" linked above.