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Astronomy Village: Investigating the Universe®

Imagine teaching astronomy in your classroom but having your very own observatory at your fingertips. Virtually speaking, that's what happens with Astronomy Village: Investigating the Universe®.

This CD-ROM transports students to a virtual observatory community-an "astronomy village"-where they take part in a variety of scientific investigations. This exciting multimedia program supplements high school science curricula as a culminating activity to astronomy instruction.

This program consists of a set of tools and multimedia materials housed in a virtual observatory community, "The Astronomy Village," where student teams work on any of the village's 10 investigations, engaging in scientific inquiry. The CD-ROM contains a variety of fun tools, including an image processing program and an image browser. Among the simulations featured are a star life cycle simulator, an orbital simulator, and a 3-D star simulator. There also are digitized video clips, images from the Hubble Space Telescope and other instruments, audio clips of astronomers discussing their work, and NASA publications and articles from astronomy journals and magazines.

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