Center Staffers Publish and Present Plenty in 2008

The knowledge and research we gather do little good if we don't disseminate them. Publishing and presenting have always been hallmarks of the Center for Educational Technologies, and 2008 was no exception:
  • The NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future's work at benchmarking educational technologies was the focus of the October special issue of the International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education. The journal dedicated its entire issue to seven articles written by members of the Center for Educational Technologies. The articles built on a research study—"Next Practices: 2006 Benchmarking Study of Educational Technologies—Pilot Phase"—the Classroom of the Future completed in 2006 for NASA, examining how to provide a current yardstick for the effective use of educational technologies.
  • Dr. Chuck Wood, executive director, spoke about his research on Saturn's moon Titan and also presented a poster about our own Moon at this year's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.
  • Senior educational researcher Dr. Debbie Denise Reese coauthored a paper on metaphor research accepted for presentation at the 2008 Association for Psychological Science annual convention.
  • Reese presented two sessions on her research into videogame learning at this year's Association of Educational Communications and Technology international conference.
  • Dr. Karen Chen, former educational researcher, coauthored an article published in the Journal of Educational Computing Research.
  • Reese was keynote speaker at the First International Meeting on Evaluation for Mid-higher-level Education and College-level Education.
  • Associate director Dr. Laurie Ruberg spoke about the EdTech Collaborative during the 21st Century Connections: PK-12 Higher Education Conference for West Virginia educators.
  • Hope Childers, GIS/remote sensing analyst, coauthored "Tabletop Reviews of Emergency Action Plans for High Hazard Dams in West Virginia, USA." The paper was presented at the Tailings and Mine Waste '08 symposium in Vail, CO.
  • Ruberg presented the EdTech Collaborative at the NASA booth at the National Educational Computing Conference.
  • Reese presented "CyGaMEs for Learning and Assessing Conceptual Knowledge: The How-to Primer" at the Games, Learning and Society Conference '08.
  • Ruberg spoke to NASA Explorer Schools (NES) teachers during a one-hour videoconference on the topic of 21st Century Skills: The Importance of Professional Development at the NES sustainability conference.
  • Ruberg presented the EdTech Collaborative at the West Virginia Higher Education Technology Conference.
  • Wood was one of several scientists interviewed by BBC Radio for a half-hour program on transient lunar phenomena.
  • A paper titled "Blending Globalization and Curriculum Analysis to Study Technology-focused Teacher Training," by Ruberg has been accepted for presentation at the 2009 American Educational Research Association annual conference.
  • Reese is coauthor on a paper titled "Enhancing Science Education through Instructional Games that Prepare Student for Knowledge Acquisition" that will be presented at the 2009 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education international conference.
  • Ruberg is lead author of "Efforts of Space Science EPO Professionals to Meet the Needs of Pre-Service Students and Faculty: Analysis of Results," which appeared in EPO and a Changing World: Creating Linkages and Expanding Partnerships.
  • Chen, Ruberg, and Judy Martin wrote "Modeling Scientific Inquiry Through Technology-mediated Tools," a chapter in New Educational Technology. Those three also teamed up on "Applying Blended Research Methods to School-based Intervention Evaluation," a paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). They joined one other author on "Promoting STEM Teaching Practices and Student Learning: A Longitudinal Impact of Professional Development," another paper presented at AERA.
  • Reese wrote "Engineering Instructional Metaphors Within Virtual Environments to Enhance Visualization," a chapter in Visualization: Theory and Practice in Science Education.
  • Reese contributed "GaME Design for Intuitive Concept Knowledge," a chapter in the Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education.
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