Educating Through the DLiNfo Channel

For years the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future program has worked with NASA TV and now what's called the NASA DLiNfo Channel providing broadcasting and webcasting support to the space agency. That work continued in 2011 through our Video Support Services department. Not only did we continue to manage educational programming for NASA TV, as we have done for years, we managed the operations of the DLiNfo Channel, which features programs disseminated by NASA's Digital Learning Network (DLN). Through distance learning technologies like videoconferencing and webcasting, the DLN connects students and teachers with NASA experts and education specialists.

Don Watson, manager of video support services at the Center for Educational Technologies, has used our work with the DLiNfo Channel as a great opportunity for the professional communications students he teaches as an adjunct faculty member at the university. The students working with the channel as part of work study or professional internships.

The students share many responsibilities. They help with program acquisition, validation of program format with the media servers, categorizing programs, and ingesting the programs into the media server. The students create promos and bumpers for on-air use related to live programming schedules, and they also build program air schedules that feature more than 20 themes, such as math and ratios, the environment, weather, teacher training, robotics, and NASA careers.

And right through the very last shuttle flight in July, our video operations provided tremendous bandwidth for shuttle mission broadcasts over the NASA website.
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