NASATalk Is Go-To Place

The NASATalk web collaborative continued to thrive in its second full year of existence. Begun in 2008 as the EdTech Collaborative, a NASA-funded website where educational technology users could go to learn about all the various technologies available and how people were using them, the site changed in 2009 to NASATalk. The site's Web 2.0 approach gives educators a virtual place to talk about various topics in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

A particular highlight in 2011 was the site's partnerships with the NASA ePDN network. NASA ePDN is using NASATalk as the go-to place for enriched STEM teaching discussion once a course ends. The site features very active blogs and collaborations with Tony Docal and Doug Edwards for the Vodcasting and Podcasting Course, Sabrina Crossman for PBIL, Storm Robinson for Robotics and Engineering ePDN, and recently added the Data is Everywhere collaborative for discussions about what types of data are accessible and how that data is being collected, uniquely displayed, analyzed, and applied.

NASATalk also ventured into the social media arena, creating a Facebook page and delivering updates through Twitter.
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