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Center for Educational Technologies projects have ended (except Challenger Learning Center) and are no longer funded.

Emergency Preparedness

Image of an oil spill in the ocean.When disasters strike, people often ask what could have been done beforehand to prevent it from occurring or to mitigate its effects. The Center for Educational Technologies® has been a leader in helping people prepare for emergencies, from designing interactive websites to creating exercises for emergency officials to practice how they would respond.

Tabletop exercises gather key personnel to discuss simulated scenarios in an informal setting. Private industry and government agencies can use tabletop exercises as a way to assess emergency plans, policies, and procedures. We have developed custom situation manuals, written facilitator/evaluator handbooks, and facilitated exercises for coal impoundment emergency action plans. We use the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program as our guide.

In addition to tabletop exercises, we helped with the development of the Coal Impoundment Location and Information System. This website identifies coal impoundments in West Virginia and provides emergency information and other facts about each site.

Visit the Coal Impoundment Location and Information System.