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Center for Educational Technologies projects have ended (except Challenger Learning Center) and are no longer funded.

Education Outreach

Image of some students pointing to a map of the Earth.The Center for Educational Technologies brings together the education community with the scientists, mathematicians and other experts to serve as partners in education. It's been a tradition here ever since we opened our doors.

In recent years we've been the site of the Mid-Atlantic Region Space Broker, a resource to help bring scientists and educators together to convey NASA space science discoveries to students and the public. We still maintain that broker relationship.

We've also been active in teaching pre-service education students at various colleges how they can use NASA science curriculum in their classrooms when they become teachers.

Our Challenger Learning Center missions introduce important science and math skills to audiences who might never experience the thrill of space science.

Contact us to let us know what kind of education outreach we can do for you.