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Center for Educational Technologies projects have ended (except Challenger Learning Center) and are no longer funded.


Image of some children participating in the West Virginia Robotics Tournament.Robots don't rule the world yet, but someday . . . well, we'll leave that up to the science fiction aficionados. In the meantime both students and educators alike can turn to the Center for Educational Technologies® for an introduction into the world of robotics. Using the variety of robotics offered through LEGO® (yes, the building blocks company), Dr. Meri Cummings of the center leads a variety of robotics-related endeavors. In fact, since 2005 the Center for Educational Technologies has played host to the annual West Virginia FIRST LEGO® League robotics tournament.

For information about starting a robotics team, robotics summer camps, tournaments, parent/educator workshops, and more, visit our Robotics website.