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Visible light is just a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Scientists use various telescopes to detect the full range of electromagnetic waves emitted by objects in space. NASA can help you teach your students that there's more to light than what they can see.

1. Introduction
2. Program Description
3. Setup
4. Stations
5. Extensions
6. Conclusion

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  1. Order an electromagnetic spectrum poster from NASA CORE and get the activity on the back called "Invisible Light Sources and Detectors."
  2. The poster activity was adapted from a full curriculum called "Invisible Universe: The Electromagnetic Spectrum from Radio Waves to Gamma Rays."
  3. This link connects you to a PDF document for a variation of the hands-on activity given on the back of the poster.
  4. + NASA's "Imagine the Universe" website
    + NASA's "Imagers" website, Use the EM Spectrum and You link.   
    + The Messenger mission to Mercury has a light lesson for young students (grades 2-4). Use the following PDFs:
    + Lesson Overview
    + Science Overview
    + Lesson Plan
    + Student Recording Sheet
  5. Cool Cosmos is an engaging site for students and teachers. It includes a download for a seven-minute video of infrared light and how infrared light is used in astronomy.
  6. Here's a fun way to assess your students' understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum.
    + Student Worksheet
    + Answer Key